Monday, November 29, 2010

Dr. Walden's Office Featured on Gilt City NYC

Dr. Jennifer Walden's Office is on Gilt City today for Cyber Monday! Be sure to check out the specials and book an appointment with her PA-C Alix for some fabulous injectable or skin peel procedures!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

3B Partners with Reprocover to Recycle Production Waste into Innovative Composite Solution

3B-the fibreglass company has partnered with Reprocover, a local Belgian company, to develop very attractive sustainable solutions for sewage, drainage and water supply applications. Typically, the composite solutions are made of 90% of recycled materials and have proven their ability to replace efficiently commonly used cast iron for the production of sewage trapdoors, manholes, utility access holes, etc.

Replacing metal has long been the challenge of glass fibre reinforced composites in order to reduce cost, complexity and weight. Alongside these attributes, two key performance criteria -- superior impact performance and improved weatherability -- have been achieved. This resulted in Reprocover, together with 3B, developing a product range molded from a thermoset compound reinforced by 50 to 60% Advantex glass.

The Reprocover breakthrough lies in their specialized process of grinding and mixing of the recycled materials. Reprocover also worked on the geometry of the different components of each product in order to maximize the load resistance to weight ratio. All of the applications can be easily fixed to PVC pipes, connections and inspection pits. The Reprocover`s products have been approved by Belgian Water Authorities, which definitely opens many new opportunities in building and road construction.

"The concept created by Reprocover is a huge step forward! It really demonstrates how thanks to the replacement of metal by glass reinforced composite, new markets and applications can benefit from the advantages of lightweight, design flexibility, corrosion resistance and easy processing. In addition, the products display dimensional stability over a large temperature range (from -40°C to 70°C) as well as a chemical resistance to salts and detergents. They open new opportunities in sewage and utility supply markets," stated Dr Eric Martin, Thermoplastic Product Manager of 3B. "Within 3B, we are dedicated to developing sustainable and durable glass fibre reinforcement solutions. Recycling our glass fibre wastes is a key driver in our sustainability strategy and partnering together with Reprocover has enabled us to pursue the minimization of our environmental footprint," he concluded.

Ludo Debergh, Founder & Director, Reprocover added, "Glass fibre plays a key role in Reprocover products, bringing high rigidity and outstanding load resistance. As an example, our 315mm diameter manhole can easily withstand a heavy pressure load without damage. Working with 90% of recycled materials can reduce the cost of existing cast iron solutions by a factor of 5 while providing much superior adhesion to asphalt and concrete." Manhole and trapdoors are the first product ranges of Reprocover portfolio. "New opportunities are already idenfitied for utility supply housings (water & gas), which can be seen in pavement. Considering all the metal parts which can be replaced, the opportunity is undoubtedly huge and the benefits are equally significant."

About 3B-the fibreglass company

3B-the fibreglass company is a leading developer and supplier of fibreglass products and technologies for the reinforcement of thermoplastic and thermoset polymers. This dynamic and entrepreneurial company has two state-of-the-art fibreglass manufacturing facilities in Battice, Belgium and Birkeland, Norway as well as a dedicated R&D Centre located in the heart of Europe. The company operates two unique eco-responsible and high performance glass technologies, Advantex and HiPer-tex. These two well established brands combine durability with eco-responsibility and versatility, making them the materials of choice for a wide range of industries. With a sound foundation of unique assets, 3B is committed to design reliable and durable fibreglass solutions available globally.

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SIPA releases new rotary PET blow molder with compact design

SIPA, a manufacturer of stretch blow molding machines for the production of PET, PLA, OPP and multilayer bottles, has released a new rotary blow molder to their existing range.

The SFR 6 EVO, which can produce up to 13,800 bottles/hour, is the smallest version in its rotary range, with six blowing cavities.

he new compact model features a preform alignment system inside the machine and a vertical mold opening that ensures maximum simplicity of preform/bottle transfer wheels and the lowest peripheral speed in the market.

Handling of the preforms is performed by a technopolymer transport chain, with the neck up heating and with very simple and low speed movements.

The heating oven features great process flexibility and can be used to produce high quality containers as well as hot fill containers of various shapes.

The company said that the SFR 6 EVO can produce extremely lightweight and complex containers such as a 1-litre container, weighing only 16g utilizing preforms which determine a total stretch ratio of 18, producing a speed of 2,200bph per cavity.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Sliced Capades

Former Real Housewife of New York and Bravolebrity star of her own show: 'Bethenny Getting Married?' Bethenny Frankel is no stranger to stardom and celebrity gossip... but now that she's competing in yet another reality show 'Skating with the Stars' her episodes under the knife are under the microscope.

Our experts have weighed in and its quite obvious Bethenny has undergone a breast augmentation and uses injectable products like Botox and Juvederm.

And if you want to check out Bethenny's boobs pre-breast augmentation, look up that long lost movie Hollywood Hills 90028.

Skating with the Stars premieres tonight, and as a big fan of Bethenny, you can bet I'll be tuning in!
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Friday, November 19, 2010

What's Real and What's Silver?

Singing, dancing and acting may not be her why did 4.7 million fans (including my coworkers and I) tune in this August for the premiere of this season's Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Perhaps we want to see the sense of reality or normalcy that we don't get to see on the airbrushed and perfectly positioned pictures we compare ourselves to. It is the same reason why we buy gossip magazines...our little guilty treasures. We want to see cellulite and stretch marks and bad hair days! Be honest: it makes you feel better about yourself. This is especially true when we see celebrities having injections done and plastic surgeries. Celebrity news shows often enlist the help of Dr Walden to decide who has had what done so the public can see what plastic surgeons see.

Now, that said, the Kardashian show has as many fans as it does because we feel they are being real with us. Kourtney has had breast implants and she openly talks about it. So why does Kim deny having any breast-related surgeries and more importantly are we being cheated? In this W spread, everything seems to be out in the open and quite shiny and silver. To those who watch the show, we know that Kim turned down a nude shot for Playboy. So why did she then pose nude for W? Maybe it is because the silver paint is hiding signs of breast implants. To the untrained eye this might be true but take a closer look!  In the picture, the shading of the silver paint as it reflects off the flashes of the camera shows that Kim could be dealing with change in breast shape due to her implants. It's called capsular contracture and it occurs when excessive scar tissue forms around the implant and tightening occurs. Large, heavy implants placed in the subglandular position (instead of under the muscle of the breastbone) can more frequently end up looking tight and misshape the breast (causing tissue stretch and indentation in the skin). Could this be what we are seeing this on the inner aspect of the left breast more than the right in the W photo?

So, Kim, just tell us all! We promise to still like you and most of us will like you more if you come clean. We know that you were blessed with a derriere of extreme proportions. We know that it must have been hard being so un-proportioned and you wanted to be more balanced. We all want the same thing and we are some even have plastic surgeons to help us out. We are not born perfect...especially since we all have a different idea of what perfection is. The important thing is that we can be happy and we can get the look we want with a little help from our friends with steady hands and skills with the scalpel. What do you think?
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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Reality television star Jennifer "Jwoww" Farley may not be so real. It is evident that she has had a breast augmentation however after old photos of Jwoww surfaced, rumors have circulated that she also underwent a rhinoplasty.
Image from

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boobie Ban

It was early October when I saw my first "I Love Boobies!" bracelet. It was on the wrist of one of our patients, and since a great deal of what we do around here involves "boobies", a conversation about the bracelet began almost immediately. Before I even found out the important message behind the bracelet I was inquiring about where to get one. Once I found out that the bracelets were designed to raise money for, and promote breast cancer awareness, I wanted to buy 50! They were cute, trendy, and most importantly bringing awareness to a disease that affects the lives of so many.

What negative could there possible be with this accessory? Well apparently schools across the
country did not feel the same way I did. Students were showing up to school, many of whom had parental permission to do so, wearing their bracelets proud only to find themselves suspended or the bracelets banned. Many school districts called the bracelets inappropriate and a distraction from learning. I don't doubt for a second that there were breast related comments made by teenagers that had nothing to do with breast cancer, however I do not think this is reason to take disciplinary action against something that is overall very positive. What type of message does that send to our youth? I have vivid memories of boys blowing up condoms like they were balloons during sex education but that was not a reason to not teach and promote safe sex.

Well there are a group of mothers in Pennsylvania that feel the same way I do. They have filed a class action lawsuit against a school district for placing a ban on the bracelets. The are calling the ban a breech of the first amendment and fighting for their freedom of speech. May justice prevail...
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Indorama Ventures to Purchase INVISTA Spartanburg, S.C. and Queretaro, Mexico Polyester Businesses

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire PET polymer and resins manufacturing facilities located in Spartanburg, S.C. and Querétaro, Mexico from certain subsidiaries of INVISTA B.V.

“This planned acquisition will allow IVL to build upon our expanding global platform, make the company the largest PET producer in the world, and deliver on our strategy to enter into new higher growth regions like Central and Latin America”

The total value of the acquisition will be $420 million less certain assumed liabilities, and includes $229 million for the net fixed assets and equity interests, as well as $174 million for the net working capital of the business, subject to customary adjustments at closing. The transaction is expected to be financed from a combination of cash on hand, amounts available under existing credit facilities and additional debt. The parties anticipate the transaction will close in the first quarter of 2011, pending receipt of necessary regulatory approvals.

INVISTA’s Spartanburg, South Carolina facility produces polyester resins used in bottles for carbonated soft drinks, water, beer, juice, and wine; food and custom-container applications, and polyester staple fiber and specialty polymers for a variety of applications. The Spartanburg operation has a total capacity of 470 kMT per annum. Approximately 490 people are employed at the site.

INVISTA’s Querétaro, Mexico facility produces polyester resins and polyester staple similar to that produced at INVISTA’s Spartanburg operation. Querétaro has a total capacity of 535 kMT per annum. Approximately 510 people are employed at the site.

The combination positions Indorama Ventures as the world’s leading producer of PET and enables IVL to better meet its customers’ needs. In North America, the acquisition complements Indorama Ventures’ existing PET manufacturing site at Asheboro, N.C. (StarPET) and its state-of-the-art MTR PET Resin facility at Decatur, Alabama (AlphaPET). Additional benefits for IVL will include:

* Access to new customers and markets via Querétaro
* Entry into the U.S. specialty PET fibers market via Spartanburg
* Enhancement of research and development capabilities
* Benefit from integration with IVL’s existing facilities, including AlphaPET and StarPET
* Increased production flexibility

The transaction is expected to be accretive to IVL’s earnings in the first full year of acquisition (pre-synergies). Indorama Ventures believes that there is a further opportunity to create value for its shareholders through synergy capture.

“We believe INVISTA’s Spartanburg and Querétaro businesses complement Indorama Ventures’ existing U.S. business,” said Chris Hamman, president of INVISTA Polymer & Resins. “I want to extend thanks and appreciation to all INVISTA employees involved in our polymer and resins business for their dedication through this process, and for building a business that so capably delivers innovation and value to its customers.”

“This planned acquisition will allow IVL to build upon our expanding global platform, make the company the largest PET producer in the world, and deliver on our strategy to enter into new higher growth regions like Central and Latin America,” said Aloke Lohia, Group Chief Executive Officer of Indorama Ventures. “We believe these valuable assets will further strengthen our capability and reinforce our ongoing commitment to the PET and Fiber business. We are truly excited as such million ton opportunities are seldom available. Furthermore, INVISTA’s innovative products and a recognized brand will allow Indorama Ventures to enhance its value proposition to its customers and stakeholders, considering the depth of management and knowledge that reside at these facilities supporting manufacturing, R&D and Post Consumer Recycling (PCR),” added Mr. Lohia.

It is currently anticipated that essentially all of INVISTA’s Polymer & Resins’ operations, marketing, sales, customer service, and research and development staff associated with the Spartanburg and Querétaro operations will be employed by Indorama after the sale is finalized, along with INVISTA Polymer & Resins’ staff associated with that portion of the business based at administrative offices in Charlotte, North Carolina; and Santa Fe, Mexico.

INVISTA Polymer & Resins’ Wilmington, N.C. site is not a part of the transaction, nor is INVISTA’s European Polymer & Resins business, which includes manufacturing operations in Gersthofen, Germany. INVISTA will also retain certain intellectual property related to the polymer and resins business.

Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. acted as exclusive financial advisor, Lowenstein Sandler PC acted as lead counsel, and Jáuregui Navarrete y Nader, S.C. served as Mexican counsel to IVL on this transaction. On behalf of INVISTA, Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated acted as exclusive financial advisor and Latham & Watkins LLP acted as lead counsel.

About Indorama Ventures

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited, listed in Thailand (Bloomberg ticker IVL.TB), is a leading producer in the polyester value chain in Thailand with strong global network and manufacturing across Asia, Europe and North America. Its products serve major players in diversified end use markets, including food, beverages, personal and home care, health care, automotives, textile, and industrial. The company’s main products are PTA, PET and Polyester fiber, which are distributed across the world. IVL has approximately 3,500 employees worldwide and annual consolidated revenue of $2.3 billion in 2009.


INVISTA is one of the world’s largest integrated producers of polymers and fibers, primarily for nylon, spandex and polyester applications. With a business presence in over 20 countries, INVISTA’s global businesses deliver exceptional value for their customers through technology innovations, market insights and a powerful portfolio of global trademarks including: ADI-PURE®, ANTRON®, AVORA®, C12™, COMFOREL®, COOLMAX®, CORDURA®, CORFREE®, DACRON®, DBE®, DYTEK®, FRESHFX®, LYCRA®, PERFORMA™, POLARGUARD®, POLYSHIELD®, POLYCLEAR®, SOLARMAX®, STAINMASTER®, SUPPLEX®, SUPRIVA™, TACTEL®, TACTESSE®, TERATE®, TERATHANE® and THERMOLITE®.

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Different Ways To Improve Global Alexa Rank Of Website With Alexa Search Engine

Alexa is an Amazon owned company which is famous for its public traffic ranking service via its Alexa.Com website. As we know that website advertising guides often make a big pact about how to get better your Alexa ranking because a top position is mostly associated with high profits. So, as a new webmaster, you must comprehend a few very important points about Alexa's service as well as different ways to increase Alexa traffic ranking in website.

Alexa Ranking is highly affected on E-Commerce or Business to Business Marketplace or Product Based Platform. Alexa ranking is deciding the traffic of your website or portal.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa is a famous search engine that offers extra information like traffic rankings. An Alexa ranking is an indicator used to gauge site performance and appears to be popularity based which is achieved by users loading a search tool on their website.

Review on

Why Need To Improve?

Now, definitely we have question that “Why should you improve Alexa ranking of site?” then there are many reasons to do that. If you have an e-commerce site,B2B Trade Portal or services online or sells a low-driven blogs work; and want to increase your website traffic then you can do this with help of improving Alexa ranking of the site.

Nowadays, we can find that the market of webmasters and even small or big business websites or web portals those are eager to expand their globe of business. Further, the traffic rank of the particular website is based on three months of cumulative data obtained from millions of Alexa users.

However, Alexa traffic rank is based on grouping of page viewers as well as the number of Alexa users visiting a website each day; moreover, it also depends on the % of internet users visiting a particular site. The site which has less than 1,000 page viewers/month is not ranked by Alexa and the sites having indistinguishable content are measured as the same site. With help of Alexa tool you can know your web traffic which allows you to determine whether your internet marketing is effective to carry unique visitors to your website/web portal or not.

Following are the different ways to increase the Alexa traffic ranking in website:

1. Install Alexa toolbar or Search Status Firefox extension; moreover, setting the blog as a homepage.

2. Convince the owners of Cyber Café to install Alexa toolbar and setting your website as a homepage for their computers; however, it is tough task but very effective way to boost your web traffic significantly.

3. By installing or setting up an Alexa Rank Widget on the website you can increase clicks per day of your site.

4. By putting content on your website or the blog about Alexa makes you can get the targeted traffic to your web presence.

5. Create webmaster tools on the website to increase the traffic for your website because webmasters keep visiting the website to get access to the tools.

6. As East Asian web users are the largest fans of Alexa toolbars; by posting website in the Asian social networking you can get better Alexa ranking.

7. PPC (Pay per Click) campaign is also one of the great ways to increase Alexa ranking.

8. If your advertisements are relevant to the webmasters then posting them on search engines are beneficial.

9. Create an Alexa Category on the blog or website that helps you to rank on search engines.

10. Use eye-catching pictures or visuals and link them redirected Alexa URL; this is the most effective way for enhancing Alexa Ranking.

11. Alexa auto-surfs are more than ever significant for the brand new websites.

So, to increase targeted traffic to your website becomes very easy by increasing the Alexa traffic ranking in website.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Impact Of The Plastic Trade Show With Online B2B Plastic Marketplace

Today, people are involved in business have been taken their foot ahead on online B2B Marketplace; however, plastic world is also not exception of them. Generally we are familiar with diverse benefits of utilizing global plastic marketplace and plastic exhibition is one of them, so here we will discuss about how b2b online exhibition helps out to grow your plastic business.

In this modern time internet has raise the competition in the plastic business world market which in turn changes the tricks of business and now people turn their plastic business on B2B platform. As per the last decades scenario plastic business has proven in getting immense advancement in the business field.

Online plastic marketplace has been invented for all plastic industries and here one can have all information such as used machines, plastic goods, packaging films, second-hand machinery, plastic news, plastic market report, plastic manufacturer, plastic exports, Plastic Business Offers, plastic exhibition, plastic events, plastic companies and many more.

We know that exhibition is one of the glamorous media for exploring business branding as well as finding new avenues of expansion.

So, in following you come to know what you have to do on plastic B2B portal for utilizing plastic exhibition benefit.

- Keep your regular eye tracking on exhibition field.

- Select and get a stall booked.

- Make prior preparation for attending an exhibition with inclusion of accommodation as well as other reservations.

- For transportation make stuffs for distribution & packing.

- Study participants of a particular exhibition.

- Take accomplishment in advance.

- Attending the days of exhibition along with explaining to visitors.

- Gather all data of probable as well as packing on completion of exhibition.

- Reporting on exhibition to management & action plan.

These all are the points which we have to follow to take the benefit of Plastic B2B Exhibition from business lead generator - Plastic Trade Portal and now take a look at diverse benefit of utilizing plastic exhibition at plastic marketplace.

- No international Boundary: As online exhibition has deepest reach as well as penetration since any person at any point of time and from any part of the world can see the exhibitors’ products and services.

- No Traveling: The exhibitor doesn’t need to travel to a place to show their products or service or a visitor also doesn’t require traveling to see the products or services of the exhibitors.

- Cost effective – If we consider the cost of traveling, lodging and boarding, cost of distribution stuff then all are reduced. It is very cost effective; however, costing is the need of the hour especially when entire world is pointing on costing.

- No Time Limit - Convenience of timing is the other name of online exhibition because there is no restriction of time for visiting online exhibition.

- Maximum ROI and Better Communication – As it is cost effective it reaches high ROI (Return On Investment).

In terms of communication, a visitor can immediately contact him/her by email or call as entire details are available so communication becomes more effective as well as fast.

So, follow the above listed points for getting maximum benefit of avail plastic exhibition on plastic b2b portal.

About Plastic World :

Plastic-World.In – Online Plastic B2B Marketplace - is one of India's leading plastic trade portals which offer its vital role in the World Plastic Industry to generate future business opportunities.

It is the great platform for all businessmen who care for costing, profit, turn over,brand creation, brand make over, edge over others and growth.Here one can have latest updates about Plastic Industry News, used machines, plastic goods, packaging films and many more.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The First Cut is the Deepest

I might be one of the few contributors on this blog who is not from Texas but I still love me some country music!! Did anyone watch the CMA awards last night? The performances were amazing and all of the country stars looked fabulous. One stand out for me was Sheryl Crow. She is almost fifty and does not look a day over honky tonk thirty! Whether or not the first "cut" has happened is questionable, but she has definitely had injections in her face. Good ones! She has just the right amount of Botox so that when she performed last night there was some nice movement in her forehead, but she is wrinkle free. She has great definition in her cheeks which leads me to believe she has probably had a more volumizing filler put there such as Radiesse or Sculptra. Her long hair and toned figure also contribute to her youthful appearance. She is the perfect example of maintaining her youth without going overboard. The irony of her performance last night was that it was a tribute to the great living legend, Loretta Lynn. Loretta looks like her first, second, and third cuts were all the deepest! In her defense, Loretta did not have access to fillers like we do today, and cutting was the only option in her day. She will always be the first female country singer to win the coveted 'Entertainer of the Year' award so she is forgiven for having one too many facelifts during her career. Sheryl on the other hand will probably continue defying mother nature for years to come...

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mtv UK Releases Heidi Yourself Application

This past Halloween it seemed everyone wanted to dress up as their favorite celebrities, from Snooki to the Kardashians to Justin Bieber.

But sans holiday now you can go Heidi Yourself.

Yes that’s correct you could become the infamous Heidi Montag, all 10 surgeries in one day, divorced then didn’t divorce her scum bag husband, MTV The Hills star, Heidi.

All you need is the new application from, a photo of yourself that you can upload into the application and maybe some healing crystals if the results are borderline traumatic or horrific.

So if you want a breast augmentation, liposuction, gluteal implants, and a rhinoplasty, fret not, there is an app for that!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Today's outfit, then inspiration. Photographs I've hoarded mainly from Tumblr (major credit to Cotonblanc). Not in the mood to write today. On the bright side, pretty pictures are better than rants, no?

Also dyed the bottom half of my hair blue. It's fading out now unfortunately.

Everything is thrifted but the sheer top with lace trims which is from H&M, and the leather jacket which is from Forever 21.

Moving on....
Viktor and Rolf 1993 Hyeres.
Mary Katrantzou Spring/Summer 2009. This dress reminds me so much of the Space Sequence from Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Photo via
John Hughes' Pretty in Pink. The only thing that is relevant is Duckie's outfit.
Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere Spring/Summer 2009. I have so much reverence for this dress, you have no idea.

Rick Owens' wife, Michele Lamy, and her incredible ink stained fingers. Photo via Jak & Jil. 
Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2000. Photograph by Mario Sorrenti. Just realized the model and I basically have the same hair. Not the same dress though. :(
CdG Spring 2000 explosive cotton candy hair do. Photograph via
I believe these are both via The Sartorialist. These ladies sure know how to colour coordinate.
Alexander McQueen's chess piece collection, Spring/Summer 2005. 
An Egon Schiele work and a 1972 Eaton's catalogue (or more specifically, that coat.)

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another World Leader Goes Under the Knife

Putin in a photo taken earlier this year
Putin wearing make-up recently

Not too long ago I blogged about North Korea's Kim Jong-Un's possible plastic surgery procedure. Rumors are now circulating that Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, may have undergone a facelift or other procedure when he was seen sporting a swollen face, black eye and tons of make-up to cover it up. Who knows? Perhaps it was the result of a judo match gone wrong.
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Kistler and STASA develop an automatic method for the prognosis of injection molded part quality

Swiss company Kistler Instrumente AG of Winterthur is the leading international supplier of sensors and systems for in-line cavity pressure-based quality monitoring of injection molding processes. German specialist Steinbeis Angewandte Systemanalyse GmbH (STASA) with headquarters in Stuttgart has many years of experience in the development of process models, online prognosis of quality features based on characteristic process values as well as the application of complex mathematical methods and models to industrial processes. This expertise is based on scientifically corroborated methods such as the design of experience (DoE) and the generation of models, and can be reliably applied to injection molding.

The implementation of approved Kistler systems into process-related quality monitoring of injection molding processes based on process profile characteristics such as the properties and tolerances of the cavity pressure curve is already widely established. Kistler and STASA have now joined forces to develop an enhanced quality monitoring method for injection molding processes that allows the direct quality monitoring and definite prognosis of the quality of the currently molded part by using the quality models of the STASA QC program. Based on the process models and measured process parameters, the final dimensions of the molded part can be predicted online, i.e. while the part is being produced. Immediately after injection molding, this approach provides information on whether the part will meet specified dimensional tolerances when it is used.

The new concept has many benefits for manufacturers and OEMs of injection molded products: they will receive information on the tolerance limits directly from the part specification and can use this criterion as a parameter of the process monitoring system. This technique significantly enhances in-line quality monitoring of injection molding processes: the limits of monitoring parameters such as pressure maxima, pressure integrals and other values need no longer be defined and evaluated. Instead, the relevant correlations between process profiles and quality criteria are acquired during mold sampling and are then used for process monitoring. The DoE used during mold sampling has beneficial side effects, because the injection molding process can be optimized automatically and ideal parameters for meeting the required quality criteria can be defined within the process latitude.

This combination of process and quality monitoring with quality prognosis has long been requested by molders of high-quality, extremely sensitive, hard-to-assemble moldings such as producers of medical parts and pharmaceutical components. This technology is integrated into Kistler CoMo Injection process monitoring systems as an optional module. Quality prognosis will become available as a high-end option for the CoMo Injection during the course of 2011.

Background: Quality Assurance with Mold Cavity Pressure
The cavity pressure curve is considered to represent a fingerprint of the injection molding process. It is the most informative characteristic for evaluating the quality of the part. Deviations from the optimum curve are clear indications of process fluctuations that lead to part defects ranging from incomplete mold filling to flashing or dimensional discrepancies. As the supplier with the largest and widest range of sensors for all methods of injection molding, simple connection technology and intuitively easy to operate, networkable systems, Kistler is the only manufacturer to offer complete monitoring of injection molding from a single source. Kistler is the world\'s leading manufacturer of pressure and temperature sensors for use in the plastics processing industry

Kistler Group
Kistler’s core competence is the development, production and use of sensors for measuring pressure, force, torque and acceleration. Kistler’s know-how and electronic systems can be used to prepare measuring signals for use in analyzing physical processes, controlling and optimizing industrial processes, improving product quality in manufacturing and improving performance in sports and rehabilitation.
Kistler offers a comprehensive range of sensors and systems for engine development, automotive engineering, plastics and metal processing, installation technology and biomechanics. A worldwide sales presence in the form of 25 group companies and 30 distributors ensures customer proximity, application support on an individual level and short lead times. With a staff of about 1 000, the Kistler Group is one of the world’s leading providers of dynamic measuring instrumentation. The Kistler Group achieved turnover of 166 million Swiss Francs in the 2009 financial year.

STASA Steinbeis Angewandte Systemanalyse GmbH
STASA Steinbeis Angewandte Systemanalyse GmbH was founded by Prof. Dr. Günter Haag and is a member of the Steinbeis network. The specialist’s objective is the utilization of useful innovations on the leading edge of research and development in order to keep industrial customers abreast of the competition by leveraging their expertise. A selected team of highly qualified experts is providing solutions to complex tasks in the area of applied analysis, model development and simulation of technical systems. The integration of innovative statistics and physical methods is one the specialist’s core competencies. The STASA QC application won the do-it Software Award.

Source : K Time 2010
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rajoo Engineers Forges Ahead; Technical Collaboration With Hosokawa Alpine Ag

The markets in India and parts of Africa, would benefit immensely with this collaboration. It would bring the very best in blown film technology of HOSOKAWA ALPINE through one of the most trusted and respected names in the business – Rajoo Engineers.

The maxim ‘Excellence in Extrusion’ continues to drive Rajoo Engineers and thus the technical collaboration with HOSOKAWA ALPINE AG of Germany – one of the most reputed companies globally in this sector – comes as no surprise.

Both companies are long-established manufacturers of blown film lines. The HOSOKAWA ALPINE lines are used around the world by customers with high quality and performance demands. The RAJOO systems cover the demands in many newly industrialised countries such as India, Africa, Gulf and parts of Latin America and have their main focus on an attractive price-performance ratio for the customers.

The markets in India and parts of Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania), would benefit immensely with this collaboration. It would bring the very best in blown film technology of HOSOKAWA ALPINE through one of the most trusted and respected names in the business – Rajoo Engineers at affordable price levels.

In a first step, Rajoo Engineers Ltd. will assume responsibility for marketing and service support for Alpine’s blown film systems in India as well as in Nigeria , Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania. Both companies plan to jointly develop a new product line of blown film systems. It is planned to combine the time proven machine components of both manufacturers to form new hybrid systems on a higher quality level and at a simultaneously attractive price levels.

In future, this joint venture will be extended to include co-operation in the areas of service support, development, production, joint procurement and sales and marketing.

‘Rajoo’s strong understanding of the developing economies coupled with world class technology of Alpine will ensure a unique mix that customers would benefit from, says Sunil Jain, President, Rajoo Engineers. ‘The brand and the network of Rajoo will only raise the bar of customer satisfaction’, he adds. This alliance with ALPINE would only further the focused efforts of Rajoo in blown film lines, an area where the company enjoys premium market position.

‘Synergies will result from this cooperation in the areas of international marketing, production and procurement as well as in joint product development. For Alpine, this collaboration would also serve as an extension of its manufacturing capability, wherein it could now source from India, aggressively priced blown film solutions (using its technology and manufactured by Rajoo Engineers), for its global markets.’, says Peter Krieg, President, Hosokawa Alpine AG.

The existing Rajoo portfolio of the widest range of mono and multilayer blown film lines up to seven layers, sheet lines up to five layers, water quenched downward extrusion lines up to three layers, lines for foamed film and sheets for various special applications and thermoformers will now be supplemented by hybrid products as well as complete ALPINE systems, giving the customer enough options to choose from.

About Rajoo
Based in Rajkot, Rajoo Engineers Limited, having made a modest beginning in 1986, has today emerged as an undisputed global player in blown film and sheet extrusion lines. Owing to its focused efforts in blown film and sheet extrusion lines, the Company enjoys premium market position in this segment. Being a technology driven Company, product innovations, world-class quality, state-of-the-art workmanship, increased energy efficiency and high levels of sophistication and automation have become the hallmark of Rajoo products during all these years, positioning the Company\'s products on a global platform, competing with the established world leaders. With representations in many countries of the world and customers in over 40 countries, the Companys exports have multiplied after its debut in the international market in 1990. (

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